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 Frank Talaber
Writer by Soul. 
A natural storyteller, whose compelling thoughts are freed from the depths of the heart and the subconscious before being poured onto the page. 
Literature written beyond the realms of genre he is known to grab readers; kicking, screaming, laughing or crying and drag them into his novels.  
Enter the literary worlds of Frank Talaber.

Some of my newest reviews. 

Stillwaters Runs Deep, Book one: Raven's Lament.

It may only be a book to some, but to me it is a beautiful piece of artistry that I have the privilege of enjoying.
Greta Olsson

The Lure, Stillwaters Runs Deep, Book Two; 

I started reading your Opus and thought I would give you my cent and half:

The first thing that jumps here is the style. Is a moment by moment perception where every moment is a dangling act promising the next to have the same urgency....

..... and that you deliver.

The jewel of the narrative however is on several fronts:

The time and care you take in setting up place. How you carefully use words as utensils so as not only to describe....

.....but to set up atmosphere...

The character descriptions shine through their specificity, the use of "he does this...he does that" to paint a character's emotional map is something many writers aspire to, few know how to get it done right..... deliver

Finally, there is a dialogue, from time to time it misses a note here and there, but in most instances it moves the plot, arching the narrative

Some of my favorites:

"like Harleys in heat"

"like a thief caught in the headlights" is usually "like a deer"

"Like squat walrus dreaming....."

"Egg Fu Yung" I have never seen this which is why I liked it. If wanted to read about things I have already seen, I would take the

"moon ghosting"

"darkened with tint"

"Ben closed his eyes....this characterization in ch 3 is one of your best....wildly idiosyncratic, specifically concrete. Leaving a clear emotional map in the reader's mind

Overall, wonderful


The Awakening, Stillwaters Runs Deep, Book Three

Just when I was beginning to wonder where the next great Canadian story teller would emerge from, Frank Talaber has written a modern crime mystery with a twist. In “Thunderbird’s Wake” Talaber weaves the richness of Canada’s west coast aboriginal spirituality into the science of modern forensics. CSI comes to Haida Gwaii as the shaman and the detective conduct an investigation that will take them and the reader on a journey to a place where murder, redemption and ancient mysticism intersect.

Michael G de Jong, QC

Minister of Finance, Government House Leader,

Province of British Columbia

Book One, The Ainsworth Chronicles: The Joining

I bought four of his novels, all right up my alley, urban Fantasy and Paranormal thrillers. But as we were leaving my girlfriend opened up the copy of The Joining, I had purchased and said, "Stop! You gotta go back I have to buy this book." Frank had hooked her in the first three pages. Well Done.      Joyce Nicholls

I hate You! My wife who is off on medical leave, won't get out of the bathroom. Can't put your book down. LOL.   Bruce W.

New Raven's lament.jpeg

Raven's Lament

Protesting the logging of an old-growth forest, an environmentalist fells a rare tree, unwittingly releasing…something…into our world. After his subsequent disappearance, reporter Brooke Grant looks for answers. During his investigation he finds the love of his life, only to lose her to, well, he doesn't really know what. Brooke enlists the aid of his love's intriguing and extraordinary shaman uncle to help save her. Only they don't only have to save her, but save the world from being changed forever.


"This is a must-read book from Frank Talaber. I couldn't put it down! But as much as I wanted to know what happens I never wanted it to finish. Great book!"

Faith Curtis


"I was touched when I sensed the author's profound reverence for trees; especially when I read his descriptions of the 'sobbing trees' as they were axed down. This novel has the ring of an epic 'Lord of the Rings' journey -this is one journey that I'll always remember!"

Stephanie Bridgeman/It's A Funny Kind Of Thing That Happened


"After being stranded twenty kilometers from the nearest road at the tip of Rose Spit, Haida Gwaii, and having to push his spanking new SUV a few kilometers along the beach before the tide came in and we ran out of booze, my first reaction on being asked to write a back cover blurb was, “over my dead body." Some people will do anything to get an endorsement.”

Susan Musgrave/Cargo Of Orchids

"The first time I saw you, was the second time I loved you," wrote Brook Grant in his diary. One problem, the reporter investigates the cutting down of the Golden Spruce only to find out that the legend is true. The ancient native prince trapped inside has been released and so has Raven. Yes, apparently, The Raven.

            So when a native God steals away your heart and soul, how do you get her back?

Well, you hire a shaman who is more whacked than a hockey player's slap shot and nuttier than a squirrel's winter stash.

            "Yeah, this is going to work, I'll get my lady back and we'll live happily ever after," Brook added to his diary after banging his head several times.


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